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The Girly Show | London's most requested dancers
The Girly Show Girls

The Girly Show

´╗┐The Girly Show is a collaboration of London's hottest and most requested dancers and singers.

They create fabulous tailor made shows that add a sparkling touch to any event and bring an interesting twist in promoting your brand.

The Girly Show fuse neo-burlesque with stunning choreography and their gorgeous performances exude glamour and style.

The girls have been featured in the most famous dance and pop videos, toured with Take That, Kylie, Blue, Diana Ross, to name a few and have danced for many different artists from Sir Cliff Richard to Kanye West.

Men and woman alike enjoy the Shows and their fabulous reputation now takes the Girlies all over the world.

From the slickest routines, to the twinkling crystals on each costume the whole bespoke package has the most exceptional attention to detail.

When booking The Girly Show you are guaranteed the very highest level in class and entertainment.

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